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The Great Dane Rescue Alliance

“Providing a helping hand and paw for those in need”

The Great Dane Rescue Alliance stands for the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of these gentle

giants and mixed Great Dane breeds.

We hope that you will get involved in one of three ways: volunteering, donations and/or adoption.

On behalf of the Great Dane Rescue Alliance, thank you for taking an interest in our cause.

You can help our rescue in many ways.  One is to support some of the businesses that support us. 

Remember to search for your favorite items on the internet through Goodsearch.com and sign up
for GDRA as your charity of choice.

We would like to extend a THANK YOU to the PETCO FOUNDATION for their generosity.
They have given us a $7000.00 grant to help cover the cost of spaying/neutering, treating
for heartworms, and doing dental cleanings on the dogs from the seizure. Thanks for helping
improve the lives of so many animals.