Available Dogs

Our adoption area is flexible along the East Coast provided we can find a rescue in the area willing to perform a home visit for us.  In addition, you will still be required to come to the foster home of the dog with all of your current dogs and family members to adopt.

Our adoption fees are 350.00 for dogs under 1 and 325.00 for dogs over 1.

GDRA Adoption Application-revised  Please scan and return completed application to greatdanerescuealliance@gmail.com


Sadie is a 1.5 year old spayed beautiful little girl that came to us from a shelter as a stray. She is very active and loves to learn new tricks. She loves to be as close to people as possible, she’s a true lap baby or cuddle buddy!!! Sadie likes to play, and talk, with her foster brothers & sisters. One of her favorite games is tug a war with her rope. Sadie will do best in a home with either a medium to large dog or with her person home most of the day. She is crate trained and house trained. Sadie also walks well on a leash and enjoys car rides





Winnie is a 6 year old girl who came to us from a local shelter.  She was surrendered having recently had puppies.  She was: malnourished, heartworm positive, and smelled horrible… but that wasn’t going to stop this girl! Winnie loves people!! Her favorite thing to do is to look up and plant her chin on you waiting for a pet.  She is persistent is her effort to get your attention which can result in a paw or nose reminding you of her presence.  She has transitioned wonderfully into indoor life. She hasn’t had an accident in several weeks and the only casualties have been several squeaky toys and a jar of peanut butter (my fault for leaving it in range… we are still working on the counter surfing :-) ).    She gets along great with here foster Brother and sister (9 year old Dane, 13 year old beagle mix), and has shown no problems with the neighborhood dogs we meet on walks. She has decided that walks are ok, maybe even fun, until a car drives by… then we get scared and want to come home.  While cars may scare her on walks right now, she loves to jump in her car and go places!  She doesn’t like being alone, so she would do best in a home with another dog or where someone is home most of the day.  Winnie has never met a treat she didn’t like and is highly food motivated,   she would probably excel in obedience or other games / training.   She is very energetic and still loves a good romp in the yard.  She will make a wonderful addition to most any home.



Forrest is a 5 month old (DOB: 11/11/15) blue mantle puppy. He was surrendered to us by a breeder due to his legs. He was sold as a young puppy and returned once his front legs started knuckling over. He was evaluated by our vet and x-rays were also sent to the orthopaedic specialist that we use. Nothing medically wrong with him, vet said likely due to nutrition and environment. So far they seem to be doing well and he’s walking much better. He has been in puppy class for the last 5 weeks learning how to socialize with other puppies and he’s doing great. He does like to play really rough so he would probably do best with another younger dog. He is a busy puppy and enjoys playing with the 2 year old female Dane in his foster home. He also lives with males Danes and does great with them. He’s not met a cat and would likely want to chase and bark. He’s also very vocal when playing and meeting new dogs. Forrest has done well with potty training and crate training. He’s not completely potty trained but doing well. The hardest part has been getting him to eat! He is more concerned with what’s going on around him so we’ve had to try a few different foods to spark his interest. He loves going for rides in the car as he knows that usually means something fun or a trip to Lowe’s! Forrest also loves people and will lean on anyone who gives him attention. He’s met a few young toddlers and kids but due to his size and clumsy puppy antics would do best with kids that are a little older (6/7 years and up). He’s a really good puppy and a quick learner. An additional training course will be required for Forrest as well as a fenced yard


Update:  Maverick has been neutered and is ready for adoption.  He is mostly housebroken and such a sweet man.  He will need to be adopted to a home with another dog because he find security with other canines.  He will also need an experienced adopter that is willing to help him gain confidence in the world.  He is very eager to learn.

Meet Maverick the adorable! He is a 5 month old handsome mantle that came in from the shelter with his brother Goose. This boy will steal your heart in a second and is so endearing you will not be able to resist him. He is great with other dogs and is quite the sensitive little dude. He loves his toys but cuddling is his favorite pastime. He gives the best kisses ever! He likes to play but is not overly energetic and we are working on house breaking and crate training presently. He’s had two sets of his puppy shots and has not yet been neutered due to age. A fenced yard will be required. 


Update:  Goose has been neutered and is ready for adoption.  He will also need to go to a home with another dog preferably a female.  He will need an experienced adopter willing to help him gain confidence.  He is very food motivated and a quick learner.

Goose is one gorgeous little dude but don’t let his looks fool you, that boy has a mind of his own and is all puppy! He’s a 5 month old harlequin that came in with his brother Maverick from the shelter. He loves to play with his foster siblings and is wide open except when he’s sleeping! He is the epitome of a goofy Dane pup and will need a pretty experienced handler to help keep him reigned in as he will be a big boy! He loves everyone and everything but will try to charm you with his stunning looks to try to get out of trouble! He’s had two sets of puppy shots and has not yet been neutered due to his age. A fenced yard will be required.


Warren is a handsome 3-5 year old blue harlequin Dane. He was wandering the woods between two counties before finally being caught in a trap that was specially made for a giant dog. It is unclear exactly how long this boy was on his own but as you can see from the pictures, he was hit by a car. He came to our rescue at the end of May where we took him straight to the vet. He was 104lbs and not very sure about people. Miraculously, he was heartworm negative and fecal was also negative. X-rays confirmed his leg was broken and we took him up to VSRP. They told us since the break was anywhere from 3-4 weeks old that it would be too complicated to go in and they would have to re-break it and set it so we did an external fixator instead. (They also neutered him while under anesthesia.) The fixator stayed on for about 9 weeks and his leg was finally healed enough for it to be removed. He did develop pressure sores on his leg so he had to wear a soft bandage for an additional 4 weeks. Being that he was so nervous about everything, he did really well with the weekly bandage changes those final weeks. Warren is currently living with male and female dogs and has come a long way since being in a foster home. He would likely do best with a small pack(1-2 other dogs, preferably a laid back female) as he gets easily overwhelmed with a lot of playing going on and also dog parks would not be good for him. He was probably an outside dog to begin with as he would go potty in his crate. Every now and then he will have an accident but overall, he’s 99% crate-trained. He will bark to let you know he needs out. He will also still mark every now and then inside but with re-direction he knows to run to the door. I think feeding time is his favorite activity! We fed him frequently to put weight back on him and he’s a very healthy 130lbs now but he doesn’t like to share his food and will need to eat separately from any other dogs. He’s doing better with noises and not quite as nervous but will need a dog-savvy owner. He’s a typical Dane and will lean and nudge you for attention. He isn’t a dog that enjoys being out and about and prefers to stay in his safety zone so a non-busy household would be best for him. Warren was originally introduced to a cat at the vet and didn’t respond much but as he’s gotten comfortable in his foster, he’s shown more interest in the resident cat and will chase so we think he’d do best without cats or smaller dogs. Being that he was running and had to be caught with a trap, we will require a fenced in yard for him, nothing under 5-6 ft though as we feel he would jump a 4 foot fence. He is still working on leash walking and gets nervous with the many noises in the neighborhood. He’s done really well but will still require a home with patience as he’s learning to trust. We also feel that a home without kids would be best for him. He’s a special boy looking for a special home. Applications can be found on our website and any further questions can be emailed to us, greatdanerescuealliance@gmail.com.


Sully is a 3 yr old neutered male that came to us from a shelter. He loves walks, shaking stuffed toys, ropes and cuddles. He is filled with personality and although he has claimed one of my couches of his own, he still shares. He likes other dogs but needs to warm up to them and can get a little grumbly if they are too high energy. He gives the best hugs and is an awesome body pillow at nighttime. He has been around cats a couple times and although curious he did not get aggressive. He is as sweet as he looks with anyone, good with kids (has been surrounded with kids 6 and up being loud and he just let them pet him) and has a kind heart. He’s a sweet boy looking for a forever home of his own.