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Adoptable Danes

Our adoption area is flexible along the East Coast provided we can find a rescue in the area willing to perform a home visit for us.  In addition, you will still be required to come to the foster home of the dog with all of your current dogs and family members to adopt.

Our adoption fees are 350.00 for dogs.

GDRA Adoption Application-revised  Please scan and return completed application to



Storm is a 12 month old merle Great Dane (dob 1/1/17) who came to us because her owner didn’t have time for her. She is ALL PUPPY! Storm loves to play & run! She is curious about everything & loves to explore. With a little more leash training she would make a great hiking/jogging partner!
She loves playing with other dogs but can be too rough sometimes. For that reason, she needs to be in a home with no small animals or children. She is friendly to everyone she meets, but is just a little too powerful for small animals & people. She is house & crate-trained.

Storm would do best in an active home with experienced owners. She needs work on her manners while on & off the leash. She also likes to counter surf. Her foster mom is working on that. A fenced yard and obedience class will be required.

Storm’s spay has been scheduled for 1/17 and she will be ready once she has recovered from surgery. We are accepting applications for her and they are found on our website,



Breacher is a gorgeous six month old puppy (DOB: 07/13/17). She came to us when she was surrendered by her owner at 2 days old along with mom and her other siblings (some of which have already been adopted). She does have some hearing, mainly high pitches. Her vision seems to be ok for now. (Her mom is deaf and her dad was partially deaf, all her siblings are deaf and some have vision impairments.) Don’t let her hearing impairment fool you though! Breacher is a very active, curious girl who is bright and eager to please! She is a Velcro Dane and loves to be with her people and other dogs.

Breacher is currently living in a foster home with four other dogs and older children. She receives training both in her foster home (her foster is a professional obedience trainer) and with a second professional trainer as well. She enjoys other dogs and loves to play, but can be a bit too much for smaller dogs. She has attended events, goes to Doggie Daycare several times a month, and receives grooming on a regular basis.

We do require that she is adopted out with another hearing dog as well as a fenced in yard. She is sweet and loving girl, who is sure to make you smile with her goofy antics! Breacher has not been spayed yet but will be prior to adoption.

Applications can be found on our website,


If you’re looking for a friend who wants to be involved in everything you do… Duke is your guy. He was surrendered by his previous owners as they didn’t have the time necessary to help Duke become the dog he needs to be. Duke is about 8 months old and very much a happy bouncy puppy! Duke especially loves any activity that gets him treats; going to his crate, or learning new things in class… if treats are involved we are all over it. Duke currently lives with 2 other Great Dane siblings (male and female), he loves to play and they get along great. Did I mention he has decided he is the worlds best helper and has to be in the middle of everything his people do? Cooking, lounging on the couch, doing laundry, you name it he feels the compulsion to “help” :-). Duke did very well in a classroom setting with other dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. He has met a cat and did fine, but has not lived with one so there is a question mark there. Duke would do best with another canine companion in the home. Duke is a bit shy when meeting strangers, but give him a minute or to two to check you then it’s all about leans and attention. His confidence has grown tremendously in the short period he has been in rescue. He loves car rides if, he hears the keys rattle he comes running and tries to guilt you into loading him up to go. Duke has also decided that new places and adventures are ok and can even be fun. We’re not too sure about large crowds or very busy place yet, but we’re get better each week. His new family will need to continue helping him build his confidence and socialization skills to help him grow into the confident man he needs to be! Given he is still a bouncy puppy, older kids are probably best. Duke has not yet been neutered but will be prior to adoption. A fenced yard is required for Duke. pplications can be found on our website under the Adoptable Danes page,



Ella is a gorgeous girl that was surrendered to us by a girl who told us she had been been purchased as a puppy and returned to her breeder and the breeder didn’t want her. She was very thin and her skin was in terrible condition when she first came in. After lots of antibiotics and medicated baths for months, her skin looks much better! She’s been spayed and tacked, also had happy tail and had to have her tail amputated. Poor girl has had complications with each of her surgeries, not bad vets just bad luck for her. Ella is very energetic at 2 years old and loves to play. She is a typical Dane and wants to be with her person all the time. She knows basic commands but she does need more work on her leash. She will fetch a ball and loves to do the zoomies around the house and yard. She does currently live with other dogs and cats, although she does better with smaller dogs. She has not lived with kids and would do better with older ones (12 and up). She can be a little nervous when meeting people but she does warm up quickly for leans.She is house and crate trained, current on vaccines and also microchipped. An obedience class will also be required along with a fenced yard.  Applications can be found on our website under the Adoptable Danes page,



Hiya, my name is Duchess, or Dutch for short. I’m a serious girl who is looking for my forever family. Could you fit the bill? I think a family who liked walks and cuddles would be ideal. I took being dumped at a shelter with my sissie Aneela to heart, it made me sad and worried. But Aneela needed me, so I soldiered on. I’d like my new people to be considerate of me, feed me treats (I like hot dogs the best!), give me time to figure out where I am and how great you are. When the Harness comes out, I rush to put my head through it—and let me tell you, I’ve got my people walking great on a leash. We stroll along, not too fast or too slow, and stop occasionally for a sniff, enjoying our time. They don’t hold me back, we enjoy our walk together.

I have to admit it, I’m a face licker. I give big slurpy kisses, but fewer the less nervous I am. If I do say so myself, I’m quite pretty—I’ve got shiny, sleek black fur that is so soft to touch. And I’m a big girl (like a model, really!) at over 150 lbs. I have a pretty face and a winning personality. I’m quite the counter surfer but it’s all nose so as long as it’s out of reach, it’s safe from me.

I love to run and play with my little sister—we body slam and slide into one another like we’re on a wrestling team—what fun! I’m a good companion and love to sleep with my person, snuggled close together. I know sit, down, touch and come—when I love you, I race like the wind to come back to you, tail wagging, just about beaming with happiness! If you’re cooking and I should taste test, I’ll sit pretty for you, just waiting to be noticed.

I can be placed with my sister or by myself—I’m a big girl who doesn’t need her little sissie all the time! If you could be my new family, email rescue and make sure you mention me! I’m the pretty one! Love you already, Dutch

Dutch is 4 years old (DOB: 11/2013), spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She tested with a light load of heartworm, so she’s currently being treated for that. Dutch has an unknown history with kids so will only be placed in a home with older ones.

Applications can be found on our website,


Hello there! My name is Aneela, and I am looking for my new family. I’d like a family who loves to rub tummies (mine, in particular, is especially soft and available for petting), who has room in their hearts for a gorgeously shiny and sleek black girl like me, and who is generous with treats. I must confess, I’m a scaredy cat, and new things and people really do make me anxious, but if you give me time and take me for a nice calm walk, I’m soon all in for leans and scratches. I’m looking for a quiet home without rambunctious kids of any age, one who will pamper me like the queen I am.

I came in with my sister (Dutch) after we were dumped at the shelter. I was very scared, and I really relied on my sissie to make me feel safe. Now that I’m settling in to my new home, I sometimes choose to be apart from her. We can be placed together or separate. I wouldn’t mind a nice large brother (no small ones, please) who lets me do whatever I want, since I can be a bit feisty when I don’t want to share (and who can blame me, when I have to share everything with my big sissie–sometimes a girl just wants something for herself). Sissie and I play hard and have fun, but we spend a lot of time just hanging with our foster mom, chilling on the bed or couch. I especially like the very comfortable bed with fluffy pillows surrounding me.

I’m a dainty girl with winning ways. And I’m pretty awesome too—I’m housetrained, know sit, down and touch (nose to palm), I’m a big snuggler and love to wake up to belly rubs in the morning and some Eskimo kisses. Remember, email the rescue and ask for A-N-E-E-L-A (or they call me Queenie, too)

Aneela is 4 years old (DOB: 11/2013), spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. A fenced yard is also required for her. Applications can be found on our website,



Dora, short for Isadora, as in is adorable, is a lightly marked harlequin. Dora is almost three years old, and came to GDRA as an owner surrender with her two day old puppies. Dora has quickly become accustomed to living a life of comfort indoors. She has learned to use the doggy door and no longer has any accidents in the house. Dora lives with her foster mom and two fur sisters, a Basset/Beagle mix and another older vision and hearing impaired Dane, and a feline brother. She has also had experience with various other dogs who have stayed overnight. She can get a little jealous over attention given to the newbies, but she is easily corrected. Dora still needs some work on basic manners. We are working on not jumping to greet you. She knows to sit for meals and treats, but she is very exuberant about food and has a hard time remaining still and not trying to take all the treats. Dora is not crated during the day. She does some counter surfing and has torn up a dog bed, but she is mostly pretty good. Dora is looking for someone with as much love and affection as she has to give. Her favorite spot is in your personal space. She travels well, and has spent a weekend camping. Dora has been spayed and is current on vaccines and heartworm preventative. Dora is deaf so another hearing canine sibling is required as well as a fenced yard. Applications can be found on our website,


Abbey is a beautiful 2 1/2-year-old (DOB: 11/10/14) fawn who was well loved and taken care of in her prior home. She was an owner surrender and lived with three other Danes (2 brothers and her dad) before coming to GDRA. She’s a little cautious when first meeting people, but once she warms up to you she will be your best friend and will not want to leave your side. Don’t let her size fool you, she loves to cuddle and curl up next to you! She is not afraid to make herself at home and loves to lounge on the couch. When she is outside you can find her rolling around in grass, enjoying the sunshine. She currently lives with three other dogs, but Abbey loves her people and prefers to play and cuddle with them rather than her four-legged foster siblings. She is crate trained and has started basic training classes for socialization and manners. Due to her size and powerful wagging tail, she would do best with older children (10 and up). She is also spayed, microchipped, current on vaccines and had surgery on her eye for entropion. Applications can be found on our website,



Nettie is a beautiful 14 week old puppy (DOB: 07/13/17). She came to us when she was surrendered by her owner at 2 days old along with mom and her other siblings (some of which have already been adopted). She does have some hearing, mainly high pitches. Her vision seems to be ok for now. (Her mom is deaf and her dad was partially deaf, all her siblings are deaf and some have vision impairments.) She is a typical puppy, full of energy and razor-sharp teeth! Her foster is working on potty and crate training but this will still need some work. She enjoys other dogs and has been to a few events and done well with other dogs. We do require that she is adopted out with another hearing dog as well as a fenced in yard. She will also need to be enrolled in a puppy class/obedience class within 30 days of adoption. She is a super sweet and very typical goofy Dane puppy looking for a forever home! Applications can be found on our website under the Adoptable Danes page:


Murphy is a handsome 20 month old mantle. He was an owner surrender and has lived most his life outside. He has adjusted well to inside living and is potty and crate trained. He came in positive for Lyme’s and has been treated. He is neutered and current on vaccines and microchipped. He enjoys sitting on the couch looking at the squirrels and birds out the window and chasing the squirrels and birds outside. He has gone through a basic obedience class and passed his CGC (Canine Good Citizen); however, continued training will be required. He is a very smart boy that can open doors and lift latches on fences. He gets along with other dogs and loves to play rough. He would do best either as an only dog or with a female dog companion. He has no idea how big he really is,but what Dane does?! He walks well on a leash, loves to ride in a car, and wants you to touch him all the time. He has been around kids but is not currently living with them so older ones would be best. If you are interested in Murphy, please visit our website for an application:



Scout is a beautiful solid black female pup. She was purchased as a puppy from a backyard breeder and when the owner’s girlfriend became allergic, she was taken to the local shelter. Luckily we work with some great shelters and they immediately called us. We have her original vet papers from the owner and breeder, DOB is 11/13/15. We aren’t sure if she was kept crated most of the time as she’s very high energy and not a huge fan of the crate. She is crate trained and will go in willingly but it’s not her favorite place. The couch is of course!

Scout is currently living with male and female dogs, all large and would do best with larger dogs. She has a tendency to play rough. She’s got two speeds, snoring and full speed ahead. Scout is a little nervous with new people but she does warm up and enjoys attention. She’s done great with all new dogs she’s met. We did meet a few kids at the vet and she was fine with them but due to her high energy and the fact that she’s not currently living with kids, she would likely do better with older children (10 and up). She has not been exposed to cats, other than in crates at the vet but she would likely chase given the chance. Within the first week of being in her foster home, we did have a scare and she spent the night at the emergency vet as they thought she was bloating.

Luckily it ended up being food bloat but as a preventative we had her tacked when she was spayed. Recently she started knuckling on her front paw and not putting all her weight on the leg so she was taken to the vet and had x-rays which were fine. We took her to the specialist for an evaluation. The specialist didn’t find any abnormal orthopedic or neurological issues but did say she could have sprained her neck or shoulder area. He did find she’s got mild cervical facet changes which may cause issues for her later. Since seeing the specialist, she does still knuckle over some and still has lameness in her front leg.

Scout is current on all vaccines, heartworm preventative and has been microchipped. She’s a sweet girl looking for a family of her own! Applications can be found on our website,


Update:  Goose has been neutered and is ready for adoption.  He will also need to go to a home with another dog preferably a female.  He will need an experienced adopter willing to help him gain confidence.  He is very food motivated and a quick learner.

Goose is one gorgeous little dude but don’t let his looks fool you, that boy has a mind of his own! He’s a 2 year old harlequin that came in with his brother Maverick from the shelter. He loves to play with his foster siblings and is wide open except when he’s sleeping! He is the epitome of a goofy Dane and will need a pretty experienced handler to help keep him reigned in as he will be a big boy! He loves everyone and everything but will try to charm you with his stunning looks to try to get out of trouble! He’s had two sets of puppy shots and has not yet been neutered due to his age. A fenced yard will be required.


Addie is a beautiful 3 year old (DOB: 3/3/14) brindle girl. She was an owner surrender and very well taken care of. She is well-behaved on a leash, loves to go for walks, and does great in a car. When she’s not cuddling up next to her human she is napping somewhere else. She likes to grab blankets and pillows to make herself comfortable when she sleeps. She loves to play tug and she prefers silent toys to play with. She is house-trained and rings a bell on the door when she needs to go out. Addie will likely bond with her human and show them unconditional love. As loving as she is towards humans, she also becomes protective and would thrive as an only dog. Addie looks to her human for everything and would make a great companion for someone who needs a little extra love in their life. We feel she would do better with kids older than 10 years. Addie is spayed, microchipped and current on vaccines. Applications can be found on our website,