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Adoptable Danes

Our adoption area is flexible along the East Coast provided we can find a rescue in the area willing to perform a home visit for us.  In addition, you will still be required to come to the foster home of the dog with all of your current dogs and family members to adopt.

Our adoption fees are 350.00 for dogs.

GDRA Adoption Application-revised  Please scan and return completed application to


Cali is a 7 month old black Great Dane with natural ears. She was surrendered to the the shelter by the breeder because of hte growth on her jaw. Cali had not received proper nutrition or had any home training. We don’t think she has ever lived in a house and she needed some sprucing up as she was just a diamond in the rough. She is a very smart girl and learns quickly. She wants to please you and I believe she is smart enough to even do K9 Nosework. That would be a good mental work out for her. She is still a puppy and loves to play. She likes playing with her toys and will even entertain herself. Cali loves everyone she meets and has been great with all of the dogs that she has met too. She can play a little rough as puppies will do but if a dog corrects her she has no problem with that either. She is currently living with a 6 year old male Great Dane and a 6 year old female German Shepherd. Her bigger brother has taught her how to play tug and she does like that too. She will require a fenced in yard for running along with the mandatory training that the rescue requires. She loves to snuggle and will come over and lean against you for hugs, snuggles and loving. She is crate trained and has much improved her house training skills. She will go to the door and either hit the blinds to go out or scratch at the door, just do not ignore her. I can say this girl is a fearless, not timid, well rounded Dane that will make a great addition to any family. I would not recommend her for young children though as she is still a puppy and a little too exuberant when she gets the zoomies.

Cali does have a growth on her jaw and has seen the specialist (Dr. Gallagher at Quartet) who diagnosed her with “mandibular osteopathy with distal long bone metaphyseal osteopathy. This condition is new bone formation with inflammation and has no definitive cause, although distemper virus may be a culprit.” It has actually gone down in size since she has come into rescue and received the proper nutrition. She is not taking any medication at this time, but an anti-inflammatory can be taken if it became an issue while she was still growing.

Cali is scheduled to be spayed this week and will be ready to go once healed. Applications are available on our website, on the Available Danes page.


This loving Blue girl is Brandy. She was surrendered to the shelter when her owner passed away and family didn’t want her. She’s a little over 19 months, crate trained and house broken. Super active and is in training, training will need to continue. She is great at daycare (they love her there) and loves the 3 Danes she lives with. She has never been exposed to cats so I don’t know about them. She loves to snuggle with her people as much as possible. Because of her energy level I would recommend children over 12. I am working on her leash training and she sits beautifully. She is on Prozac at the recommendation of her trainer to help keep her focused, as she matures it will probably not be needed. She is UTD on shots and spayed. She does love to play with my young Dane so if you need a playmate for a large dog, she’s your girl. A fenced yard is required for Brandy. Applications can be found on our website,


Abbey is a beautiful 2 1/2-year-old (DOB: 11/10/14) fawn who was well loved and taken care of in her prior home. She was an owner surrender and lived with three other Danes (2 brothers and her dad) before coming to GDRA. She’s a little cautious when first meeting people, but once she warms up to you she will be your best friend and will not want to leave your side. Don’t let her size fool you, she loves to cuddle and curl up next to you! She is not afraid to make herself at home and loves to lounge on the couch. When she is outside you can find her rolling around in grass, enjoying the sunshine. She currently lives with three other dogs, but Abbey loves her people and prefers to play and cuddle with them rather than her four-legged foster siblings. She is crate trained and has started basic training classes for socialization and manners. Due to her size and powerful wagging tail, she would do best with older children (10 and up). She is also spayed, microchipped, current on vaccines and had surgery on her eye for entropion. Applications can be found on our website,



Breacher is a gorgeous six month old puppy (DOB: 07/13/17). She came to us when she was surrendered by her owner at 2 days old along with mom and her other siblings (some of which have already been adopted). She does have some hearing, mainly high pitches. Her vision seems to be ok for now. (Her mom is deaf and her dad was partially deaf, all her siblings are deaf and some have vision impairments.) Don’t let her hearing impairment fool you though! Breacher is a very active, curious girl who is bright and eager to please! She is a Velcro Dane and loves to be with her people and other dogs.

Breacher is currently living in a foster home with four other dogs and older children. She receives training both in her foster home (her foster is a professional obedience trainer) and with a second professional trainer as well. She enjoys other dogs and loves to play, but can be a bit too much for smaller dogs. She has attended events, goes to Doggie Daycare several times a month, and receives grooming on a regular basis.

We do require that she is adopted out with another hearing dog as well as a fenced in yard. She is sweet and loving girl, who is sure to make you smile with her goofy antics! Breacher has not been spayed yet but will be prior to adoption.

Applications can be found on our website,


Ella is a gorgeous girl that was surrendered to us by a girl who told us she had been been purchased as a puppy and returned to her breeder and the breeder didn’t want her. She was very thin and her skin was in terrible condition when she first came in. After lots of antibiotics and medicated baths for months, her skin looks much better! She’s been spayed and tacked, also had happy tail and had to have her tail amputated. Poor girl has had complications with each of her surgeries, not bad vets just bad luck for her. Ella is very energetic at 2 years old and loves to play. She is a typical Dane and wants to be with her person all the time. She knows basic commands but she does need more work on her leash. She will fetch a ball and loves to do the zoomies around the house and yard. She does currently live with other dogs and cats, although she does better with smaller dogs. She has not lived with kids and would do better with older ones (12 and up). She can be a little nervous when meeting people but she does warm up quickly for leans.She is house and crate trained, current on vaccines and also microchipped. An obedience class will also be required along with a fenced yard.  Applications can be found on our website under the Adoptable Danes page,



Nettie is a beautiful 14 week old puppy (DOB: 07/13/17). She came to us when she was surrendered by her owner at 2 days old along with mom and her other siblings (some of which have already been adopted). She does have some hearing, mainly high pitches. Her vision seems to be ok for now. (Her mom is deaf and her dad was partially deaf, all her siblings are deaf and some have vision impairments.) She is a typical puppy, full of energy and razor-sharp teeth! Her foster is working on potty and crate training but this will still need some work. She enjoys other dogs and has been to a few events and done well with other dogs. We do require that she is adopted out with another hearing dog as well as a fenced in yard. She will also need to be enrolled in a puppy class/obedience class within 30 days of adoption. She is a super sweet and very typical goofy Dane puppy looking for a forever home! Applications can be found on our website under the Adoptable Danes page:


Murphy is a handsome 20 month old mantle. He was an owner surrender and has lived most his life outside. He has adjusted well to inside living and is potty and crate trained. He came in positive for Lyme’s and has been treated. He is neutered and current on vaccines and microchipped. He enjoys sitting on the couch looking at the squirrels and birds out the window and chasing the squirrels and birds outside. He has gone through a basic obedience class and passed his CGC (Canine Good Citizen); however, continued training will be required. He is a very smart boy that can open doors and lift latches on fences. He gets along with other dogs and loves to play rough. He would do best either as an only dog or with a female dog companion. He has no idea how big he really is,but what Dane does?! He walks well on a leash, loves to ride in a car, and wants you to touch him all the time. He has been around kids but is not currently living with them so older ones would be best. If you are interested in Murphy, please visit our website for an application:



UPDATE: Scout is doing great. She is still full of spunk but has settled a little. She has learned that she likes her crate and will go in to lay down if the door is open or if told to go lay down she’ll go to her crate. She would love a family of her own with maybe a male dog to play with every now and then. She also loves to curl up on the couch in a human lap. She’s a really sweet girl. Scout is a beautiful solid black female pup. She was purchased as a puppy from a backyard breeder and when the owner’s girlfriend became allergic, she was taken to the local shelter. Luckily we work with some great shelters and they immediately called us. We have her original vet papers from the owner and breeder, DOB is 11/13/15. We aren’t sure if she was kept crated most of the time as she’s very high energy and not a huge fan of the crate. She is crate trained and will go in willingly but it’s not her favorite place. The couch is of course! Scout is currently living with male and female dogs, all large and would do best with larger dogs. She has a tendency to play rough. She’s got two speeds, snoring and full speed ahead. Scout is a little nervous with new people but she does warm up and enjoys attention. She’s done great with all new dogs she’s met. We did meet a few kids at the vet and she was fine with them but due to her high energy and the fact that she’s not currently living with kids, she would likely do better with older children (10 and up). She has not been exposed to cats, other than in crates at the vet but she would likely chase given the chance. Within the first week of being in her foster home, we did have a scare and she spent the night at the emergency vet as they thought she was bloating. Luckily it ended up being food bloat but as a preventative we had her tacked when she was spayed. Recently she started knuckling on her front paw and not putting all her weight on the leg so she was taken to the vet and had x-rays which were fine. We took her to the specialist for an evaluation. The specialist didn’t find any abnormal orthopedic or neurological issues but did say she could have sprained her neck or shoulder area. He did find she’s got mild cervical facet changes which may cause issues for her later. Since seeing the specialist, she does still knuckle over some and still has lameness in her front leg. Scout is current on all vaccines, heartworm preventative and has been microchipped. She’s a sweet girl looking for a family of her own! Applications can be found on our website,