Available Dogs

Our adoption area is flexible along the East Coast provided we can find a rescue in the area willing to perform a home visit for us.  In addition, you will still be required to come to the foster home of the dog with all of your current dogs and family members to adopt.

Our adoption fees are 350.00 for dogs under 1 and 325.00 for dogs over 1.

GDRA Adoption Application-revised  Please scan and return completed application to greatdanerescuealliance@gmail.com


Thor is a handsome 160lb mantle. He is a year and a half, still a pup! He was with a family unable to take care of him. He’s neutered and also has had his stomach tacked. Thor gets along with other dogs, cats, kids and has been fine with horses as well. He is house and kennel trained. Thor is a typical Dane and thinks he’s a lap dog!







Sully is a 3 yr old neutered male that came to us from a shelter. He loves walks, shaking stuffed toys, ropes and cuddles. He is filled with personality and although he has claimed one of my couches of his own, he still shares. He likes other dogs but needs to warm up to them and can get a little grumbly if they are too high energy. He gives the best hugs and is an awesome body pillow at nighttime. He has been around cats a couple times and although curious he did not get aggressive. He is as sweet as he looks with anyone, good with kids (has been surrounded with kids 6 and up being loud and he just let them pet him) and has a kind heart. He’s a sweet boy looking for a forever home of his own.



Update:  Mickey is a beautiful 2 year old Mantle Dane that has made herself at home with her foster family where she has been since June 2014. She is a playful and loving girl that has a lot of fun with her 5 year old Dane foster brother Cowboy, 10 year old lab sister Bailee and 6 moth old kitten Willow. She loves to give and receive kisses from both the humans and pets in the house. Mickey loves to be pet and will sometimes paw at her foster parents, but she means well and is working on other ways to get attention from her foster parents. Because Mickey is still young, she loves a lot of play time, and is very happy to play outside with her foster Dane brother for short periods of time in the morning and evening. She does get scared to go outside by herself at times, but will happily go with either human or K9 companions. When Mickey first arrived she did not know how to sit on command, lay down or walk on a leash. She has come a long way and will sit and stay even with a full bowl of food in front of her. She is a stereotypical Dane who will “counter-surf” if food is left out unattended but responds well to no and her foster parents are working to break the habit. She does GREAT on walks and light jogs with a gentle leader and it is cute to watch because she is all lady as she prances along. Mickey has also discovered cuddling and loves it whether it is on the floor just before bedtime or while on a couch next to her foster parents watching TV. She will sleep on her dog bed but prefers to climb into the bed and snuggle up next to her foster parents.  Mickey does really well on road trips sleeping for most of the drive. Mickey is incredibly sweet in all ways and would do well in just about any house where someone is around a lot to pet her, play with her and show her love. She runs to greet you at the door, sits as close to you as she can, and tries to lick away any tears the children may have when they get hurt. She has exhibited no aggression at all but is skittish at points, around loud noises. She wants to be someone’s best friend and will give as much love to the humans and the children as she can.

Mickey is a sweet girl who still has a lot of puppy in her.  She is very beautiful girl and her photos don’t do her justice.  We get complements everywhere we go with her.  She has done very well with her house training and has not had an accident in quite some time.  She is crate trained but it is not her favorite place.  She loves to chew on antlers and dog bones.  She is very playful with the male dane in our house.   She walks well with a gentle leader and we have not had her tug or ty to go after other dogs.  She can get a little spooked by loud cars or strange noises and will want to go home.  She knows sit and stay, and will sit and wait for her food until you tell her “go ahead”  Mickey has spent a lot of time around groups of people and children.  We have a large neighborhood with lots of kids and she does GREAT with all of them even the babies.  She does however forget she is a big girl and can knock them over on accident.

Mickey does still counter surf if you are not in the kitchen with her and we are working on that.  She jumps up every now and then but only on her foster mom.  She does not do it to guests, kids in the house or foster dad.  We are still working to get her to stay on all fours when mom comes home.   She does NOT like loud noises like fireworks she will run and hide under whatever she can get under.

Mickey will be a great addition to her new family; she is very eager to please and trains well.



Bristol is a 7/8 year old senior that came to us locally from Craven Pamlico Animal Services as a stray. She was in pretty bad shape when they found her, the smell of her body was awful. She had quite a few vet visits for the first few months she was with us. Lucky for her she was at one time getting care from someone as she was already spayed and miraculously heartworm negative! She has been battling chronic skins infections and allergies. She had a urinary tract infection, ear infections in both ears and a skin infection. She’s been on meds to help battle all her infections and she is still receiving medicated baths weekly to help her skin (and will require these long term). She was pretty thin but she’s gained a good amount and is a healthy weight for her age. We are also waiting to hear back from the specialist as we believe that Bristol may also have Wobbler’s, a condition that affects the cervical vertabrae and is common in Great Danes. Despite all of this, Bristol is an amazing girl who has never met a stranger!